About Value Recovery Group

The Value Recovery Group of companies is a 20-year experienced government consulting and asset management and recovery firm, providing receivables management and consulting services for government agencies with complex and unique needs.  VRG’s practice areas encompass Loan Servicing and Asset Management, Collections, and Complementary Financial Management Services, giving our team both breadth and depth in the Real Estate, Accounts Receivable, and Loan Administration / Program Management services that we provide to our clients.


VRG and VRH At A Glance: Our Clients and How We Serve Them
1989 – 1993 Resolution Trust Corporation – Asset Valuations & Review, Asset Management Contracts and Subsidiary Disposition Contractor
1991 – 1992 Barry Fromm volunteered one full year of his time to serve as the Operations Improvement Taskforce Project Director for the Ohio Department of Commerce under Governor George Voinovich
1994 – Present RTC/FDIC JDC Collection Partnership, still active today (20 year partnership)
1995 – 1999 Managing Partner of $55 million land trusts with the RTC on 50%/50% basis; liquidating loans and REO at three and a half times investment in 4 years
2001 – 2004 Co-Special Servicer/Contractor of second mortgage loans utilized in the HUD Restructuring Program on the national portfolio of troubled Section 8 Multi-family Loans
2004 – 2012 Created the Archive Debt Collection Program for the state of Ohio and served as a collections contractor. Exemplary performance with no complaints
2003 – 2013 Export-Import Bank – Claims Procession contract to review all claims (domestic and international) and prepare findings
2004 – Present Export-Import Bank – Recovery of Paid Claims contract to collect on export claims around the World
2004 – Present Created COCIC and developed through our partnership a 200 acre Brownfield into a golf business community known as Central Park of Gahanna
2005 – Present Created Greater Cleveland Community Improvement Corporation and through our partnership, developed 60 acre Brownfield site in Cleveland know as Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Park
2005 – Present OPIC – Recovery of paid Claims contract to collect on behalf of a national development banking agency
2007 – 2013 Contract with the Oho Air Quality Development Authority to design program, do intake, underwriting, marketing, and assisting in the close of $80 million of state dollars for clean energy loans
2008 – Present US Department of Education – collection (subcontractor) of national portfolio of defaulted student loans
2009 – Present US Department of Energy, Loans Program Office – 5 Year Prime Contact as the Program Manager for the $50 billion Clean Energy Loan Program
2013 – Present General Services Administration – Real Property sales and support services for all Federal landholding agencies
2014 – Present US Army Corps of Engineers – Army Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI) Support implementation of cost-effective, large-scale, Renewable Energy projects
2014 – Present US Treasury Department – Serve as technology service provider for implementation of back-end information management systems call the Portfolio Analysis and Performance Reporting System



Founded by Barry Fromm in 1993 for the initial purpose of servicing distressed loans resulting from the mass Savings and Loan failures of the late 1980s and early ’90s, Value Recovery Group (VRG) got its start when it was awarded one of 29 partnership contracts with the Resolution Trust Corporation (the RTC) for the collection of Judgments, Deficiencies and Charge-Offs from failed financial institutions.  Read More